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Leading Product Teams

Many people contribute to leading a product team. You might be a product manager, technical writer, designer, engineer, project manager, marketer, or an influential sponsor and have a role to play in leading a product team. This course will help you reflect and grow in communication and conflict resolution within the context of product development, and it will also teach you practical system improvements you can implement to increase your team's value delivery.

Course Outline

  1. Vision, Mission, Strategy, and Tactics (VMST)

  2. Requirements

  3. Execution

  4. Resolving Conflict

Better Recruiting, Onboarding, and Firing Practices

Building a team with complementary skill sets that work well together is at least 70% of success. If you can recruit well and get people contributing quickly, you'll build amazing teams that deliver. But none of us can see the future, and sometimes, you'll hire the wrong person. This course will teach you how to improve your recruiting, onboarding, performance improvement management, and firing when and if that becomes necessary.

Course Outline

Managing Over-Achievers and Under-Achievers

There are challenges to getting underachievers to step up and overachievers to not burn out or prevent other team members from learning and growing. This course will teach you how to manage people at both ends of the spectrum and how to coach your team members to shift up from one level to the next.

Course Outline

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