My name is Matthew Stublefield, and I love you.

I know that seems strange. It's probably overly forward, too, since we just met, but I mean it.

I write about team leadership. A lot goes into leading teams well so they are productive and happy, and on this site, you'll find content covering systems, processes, philosophy, ethics, psychology, sociology, and theology.

In addition to posts and newsletters, I am also developing eLearning courses. I have spent over twenty years leading teams and coaching others to become better leaders, and I know I can help you. My courses focus on learning outcomes, and by subscribing, you'll have an opportunity to prioritize the content I create next.

My research and work have all been developed using Obsidian. If you want direct access to my research, notes, and to me so you can suggest what I research next, I invite you to join me on this journey.

You can also join my Alfafrens channel if you're so inclined. Fieldway is also on Warpcast.


Fieldway Research

Fieldway Research membership grants you exclusive access to the Obsidian site, a digital vault housing all my research, notes, and drafts for crafting Fieldway newsletters and eLearning.

Benefits and Content

What you get

  • Access to all research and notes that I have gathered and composed

  • Access to the drafts of newsletters and eLearning as I'm writing them.

  • Subscription to the Priority:People weekly newsletter about leading teams well.

  • Subscription to all Fieldway Academy eLearning courses.

  • Access to Warpcast Group Chat with other Fieldway Research members.

  • The opportunity to suggest what I research, and then you can get my notes on the subject.

  • 10% revenue share to reward you for your engagement, feedback, and suggestions.

What's actually on the Obsidian site?

I organize Obsidian using the PARA system:

  • Projects

  • Areas of Responsibility

  • Resources

  • Archive

In addition, I have folders for

  • Omnivore: anything I subscribe to or find interesting and save, which I then highlight and take notes on.

  • Kindle Highlights: the highlights and notes from books I read on Kindle.

  • Daily Notes: a journal and for ephemeral notes.

I create evergreen notes using the Zettelkasten Method.

Fieldway Academy

Traditional eLearning is static and outdated. An instructor spends weeks or months creating a course, publishing it, and marketing it to students. Eventually, they typically move on to a new course and leave the old one to languish, or they create a new version, and students can pay for access.

Fieldway Academy stands out from traditional eLearning by publishing on-chain, offering you immediate access to modules as they're ready. The content is not left to languish, but regularly revisited and updated. I'm committed to providing focused courses with ongoing resources and support to enhance your team leadership skills.

Benefits and Content

FA courses are all on the theme of leadership, with the initial set including:

  1. Leading Product Teams

  2. Better Recruiting, Onboarding, and Firing Practices

  3. Managing Over-Achievers and Under-Achievers

Subscribers can suggest new modules and courses, ask questions and get answers, and inform the development prioritization.

What You Get

  • Subscription to all Fieldway Academy eLearning courses.

  • Subscription to the Priority:People weekly newsletter.

  • Access to Warpcast Group Chat with other Fieldway Academy members.

  • 10% revenue share to reward you for your engagement, feedback, and suggestions.

  • A cheaper subscription price than via Paragraph.xyz.


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